The Crypto Education Platform you Need to Kickstart Your Investment Journey

First published
February 4, 2022
Last updated
February 9, 2022

It is no secret that crypto adoption is on the rise. While price swings are prevalent, financial giants and retail investors have slowly begun taking interest in digital currencies. PayPal, Morgan Stanley and even MasterCard have started offering retail users the ability to make payments with crypto and allowing high net worth clients access to Bitcoin funds. The increasing number of use cases for cryptocurrency further reiterates the promising growth of digital assets in the current financial economy. 

For those that have just begun their crypto journey, it may not be the easiest to learn the basics from the start. After all, understanding the concepts of crypto is pretty much equivalent to learning a whole new monetary system and language. Thankfully, there are numerous platforms and avenues that allow newbies and beginners to get ahead with their crypto education - one of which is Cryptolearn SG

What is Cryptolearn SG?

The Singapore-based resource platform provides a safe and easy-to-use space for educational and consultancy services on trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. As such, the platform looks to offer users step-by-step guidance to embark on their cryptocurrency investing journey. With like-minded individuals, Crypolearn SG aims to create a close-knitted community where reliable information on digital assets can be shared easily and securely.

The Programs Offered 

The platform is equipped with programs to ensure that users of the platform receive the right type of support and educational materials to enhance their knowledge in digital currencies. Such programs include Cryptoxponential, which covers the basics and fundamentals of crypto investing. 

For a more robust option, the platform also offers a 2-day masterclass known as Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp. The program allows participants to grasp a detailed overview of all things crypto and blockchain-related from understanding the key basic concepts to the importance of earning passively with crypto and other trading strategies. Covered topics also include NFTs, staking, and mining cryptocurrencies, as well as tips on portfolio management and recommended platforms to use. This program is thus suitable for helping beginners fully understand the way crypto works and how they can start investing in digital assets properly. 

The best part? The live 2-day masterclass is priced at only US$499. On top of that, Hodlnaut users will also be entitled to a 20% discount when users input the code hodlearn at checkout. They even have a recorded session of the live 2-day masterclass where Hodlnaut users can receive the same 20% promotion when users sign up with this link.

Final Thoughts

Crypto education is vital for anyone who wants to kickstart their investment journey with digital assets as one wrong move may jeopardize the potential of your portfolio. And if you’re looking for a platform that is safe and easy to use while offering a simple yet detailed guide on crypto and blockchain-related information, Cryptolearn SG should definitely be on your radar. 

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