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How Hodlnaut Started

Back in 2015, Juntao made his first purchase of Bitcoin and started doing spot arbitrages across different cryptocurrency exchanges. However, he was taxed a lofty 55 percent capital gain tax in Japan which led him to return to Singapore.

Filled with an unfaltering passion for Bitcoin, Juntao pitched his idea for Hodlnaut to Simon when they were introduced to each other through a mutual friend in 2018. This led to the birth and official launch of Hodlnaut, a crypto-borrowing and lending platform that helps investors improve the return on their assets. Cryptocurrency investors can now earn interest on their crypto and unlock its full value via yield farming instead of only profiting from off-price increments.

History of Hodlnaut



The beginning
Hodlnaut’s 2 Co-Founders, Juntao & Simon, launched the borrowing & lending product! Hodlnaut receives its funds from its first depositors.



Hodlnaut welcomed its first hire to kickstart the company’s growth


Hodlnaut’s team grows to 10!



Hodlnaut’s financial attestation with Crowe Singapore confirms $106M in AUM


Token swap launch


  • Hodlnaut turns 2
  • Hodlnaut’s team grows to 20!
  • Hodlnaut’s financial attestation with Crowe Singapore confirms $234M in AUM


Hodlnaut reaches 5,000 users


  • Hodlnaut adds support for WBTC
  • Preferred interest payout


  • Introduces tiered interest rates
  • Reduces withdrawal fees
  • iTrust integration launch: purchase custody cover on your assets with Hodlnaut
  • iOS mobile app launch


  • Android mobile app launch
  • Market Order for Token Swap



  • Launch of Fixed Term Deposits



  • Sponsorship of Bitcoin 2022
  • Sponsorship of Paris Blockchain Week Summit


  • BNB Chain for USDC deposits and withdrawals

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What our users say

We've been around a long time and built a strong customer base with well-known advocates across Bitcoin and crypto.

Calvin W

Heard great things on this team! Excited for the interest rates they offer. Hope to have a great and easy experience with them once verified.

Royce Cheng

Love the high interest rates on my bitcoin and stablecoins. The recent mobile apps make it easier to check the balance.

Alessandro Bernocchi

Wonderful platform for passive income on crypto. I never had a single problem on rewards and withdrawals.

Terrence T

Easy and simple interface. One of the highest interest accounts in the market. Customer support is very responsive.

Zaylea Kua

Hodlnaut's platform is user-friendly, its customer support team is responsive and I find the interest rates attractive!

Gerard Ngo

One of the best platform that I have used. Hassle-free, high % token swap available and easy withdrawal. Highly recommended.

What our users say

We've been around a long time and built a strong customer base with well-known advocates across Bitcoin and crypto.

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"Hodlnaut have built an impressive platform, giving bitcoin HODLers the ability to earn a return on their investment. The product feels tight, giving me confidence that my underlying investment is safe. I'd recommend this to anyone that wants to generate income on their crypto."

Sam Gibb
Partner at Endeavour Ventures

"Hodlnaut is a great example of what the future of banking could look like."

Kenrick Drijkoningen
Head of Growth at Golden Gate Ventures

"I don’t always use crypto products but when I do I only use trustworthy/reliable products built by an awesome team. My bitcoins are with Hodlnaut till the next moon. Yibambe!"

Kumara Velan Suppiah
Former Senior Investment Manager at NRF Holdings, Prime Minister's Office

"I have a long term investment approach to digital assets and Hodlnaut gives me a way to generate yield on these assets that would otherwise be idle in my cold wallet."

Markus Bruderer
Director at Antler

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