Earn with your friends – Get 30 USDC each

For every friend that signs up with your referral link, deposits USD1,000 worth of any asset and holds for 31 consecutive days, you will both receive 30 USDC each!

Parent referrer and child referee will be rewarded with 30 USDC each when the child referee successfully fulfils the following conditions:

Sign up with parent referrer’s unique referral link and complete KYC verification
Deposit US$1,000 or more in any of our supported assets to qualify
The qualifying deposit must be done in a single transaction and from an external wallet
The qualifying deposit must be completed within one week of an optional test deposit
Maintain a minimum US$1,000 account balance for 31 consecutive days

How it Works


Log in to your Hodlnaut dashboard


Go to Referral tab and copy your unique referral link


Invite your friends to join Hodlnaut with your link

Read Hodlnaut Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Referral Program FAQs

Any limit on how many friends the parent referrer can refer to Hodlnaut?

There is no cap* on the number of referrals! Feel free to refer as long as your friend is a brand new user of Hodlnaut. Do read our Terms and Conditions for more information. https://www.hodlnaut.com/referral-terms

How do I know if my deposit is a qualifying deposit?

Upon making an eligible deposit, go to the Affiliate tab on your Hodlnaut dashboard. On the top right hand corner of the page, you will see Bonus Unlock: <Date of payout> under Referred By. Learn more here: https://www.hodlnaut.com/crypto-offers/referral-program-march2022

What happens if the child referee’s account balance falls below US$1,000 due to market conditions?

Do top up if you notice your account balance is about to fall below US$1,000 to maintain eligibility.

Can the child referee withdraw or do token swaps with the account balance?

Feel free to withdraw or token swap as long as your overall account balance is maintained above US$1,000.

When will the 30 USDC bonuses be credited to both parties?

The 30 USDC bonuses will be paid out to parent referrer and child referee within 24 hours of successful completion of the aforementioned conditions.

Can I choose to be paid out in other crypto assets instead of USDC?

Bonuses are only paid out in USDC. Feel free to utilize the Token Swap feature and swap to your desired crypto after the bonus is successfully credited to your account.

Why did we not get the 30 USDC bonuses?

It could be due to the following reasons: - The deposit made by the child referee did not successfully meet the conditions. - The holding period is not completed yet - The child referee forgot to sign up with the parent referrer’s referral link

Got further questions? Please reach us at support@hodlnaut.com

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