Hodlnaut Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Updated as at March 7, 2022

1. These Referral Program Terms and Conditions (“Referral Terms and Conditions”) apply exclusively between any person accessing and using the Service (as defined in the Hodlnaut Group’s Standard Terms and Conditions located at www.hodlnaut.com/tos (“Terms of Use”)) (the “User”), and Hodlnaut Pte. Ltd. and its wholly owned subsidiary (collectively, "Hodlnaut Group", "we", or "us"), (each a “Party” and collectively, the “Parties”). The Hodlnaut Group provides the Service through its website at https://www.hodlnaut.com or any sub-domain such as app.hodlnaut.com or mobile application (collectively, the “Platform”).

2. The Hodlnaut Referral Program is a program that rewards existing Users of the Platform who refer new Users to the Platform (“Hodlnaut Referral Program”). The Hodlnaut Referral Program would require existing and new Users to complete certain necessary steps to be eligible for the reward according to the prevailing program mechanics. By participating in the Hodlnaut Referral Program, you agree to be fully bound to (i) these Referral Terms and Conditions; (ii) Hodlnaut Group’s Terms of Use; and (iii) where published on the Platform, the specific terms and conditions applicable to the particular referral program as may be made available from time to time. The Hodlnaut Group’s Terms of Use and any other specific terms and conditions published on the Platform are hereby incorporated in the Referral Terms and Conditions by reference in its entirety. 

3. To be eligible to participate in the Hodlnaut Referral Program, the User will need to register for an account on the Platform (“User Account”) and complete all necessary onboarding requirements and satisfy the know-your-client checks according to the Hodlnaut Group’s existing policies as set out in the Terms of Use.

4. The Hodlnaut Group may modify, terminate or revoke the Referral Program at any time, with or without providing any notice to Users. The Hodlnaut Group may amend or update any part of the Referral Program at any time, by publishing an updated version thereof on Hodlnaut, and such amendment or update shall be effective immediately upon its publication. Users shall not have any rights or claims in connection with an outdated promotion, and no right to claim participation later.

5. The User shall not misuse, manipulate, or abuse the Hodlnaut Referral Program. If the User is found to be misusing, manipulating or abusing the Hodlnaut Referral Program in any way deemed to be a misuse, manipulation or abuse by the Hodlnaut Group, the Hodlnaut Group reserves the right to disqualify, revoke and/or deduct from the User’s Hodlnaut account any past or future rewards in its sole discretion.

6. The User acknowledges and confirms that the User has read, understood and agreed to the Privacy Policy (located at https://www.hodlnaut.com/privacy), which explains how the Hodlnaut Group treats the User’s personal information and protects the User’s privacy when the User is using the Platform, including but not limited to the User’s participation in the Hodlnaut Referral Program. By participating in the Hodlnaut Referral Program, the User agrees that the Hodlnaut Group may use his information as set forth in the Privacy Policy. The User further agrees to provide such information as may be required from time to time to qualify for, verify, or make good the User’s participation in the Hodlnaut Referral Program.

7. By participating in the Hodlnaut Referral Program, the User irrevocably undertakes to fully indemnify and hold harmless each of the Hodlnaut Group, its shareholders, officers, directors, employees and agents and their respective successors, heirs and assigns (collectively, the “Indemnified Parties” and each an “Indemnified Party”) promptly upon demand at any time and from time to time, from and against any and all losses, claims, actions, proceedings, damages, demands, judgments, sums payable, liabilities, damages, costs, charges and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and disbursements), and/or expenses (collectively, “Losses”) to which any Indemnified Party may become subject, insofar as such Losses arise out of, or in any way relate to, or result from the participation in the Hodlnaut Referral Program. Any question or issue in relation to the Hodlnaut Referral Program should be sent by email to support@hodlnaut.com.