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First published
June 23, 2022
Last updated
June 30, 2022

Let us face it, 2022 has been a challenging year, primarily for the finance space. Around the world, people are facing increasing inflation, impacting many things from the cost of bread to the electricity bills. At times like this, achieving a desired monetary goal, such as financial freedom, is a mere pipe dream.

Despite a growing number of economic obstacles, investors are looking for ways to outpace inflation, innovate, and make their assets work harder to generate alternative income streams. The rise of cryptocurrencies over the last decade has opened new markets and possibilities, with investors across the board taking an interest. By staking fiat currency on a chosen coin, you could be taking your first step on the path to financial freedom with crypto.

What is Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom is a simplistic concept - having enough capital to ensure you live and can afford a comfortable lifestyle. Arguably, this is one of the most common and ancient desires of humans to achieve a state where they no longer need to worry about the finances at their disposal. Who wouldn't desire such liberties?

In ancient times, to gain such leisure would require hard work, dedicated savings, spending within your means, and maybe a little hope. These efforts were often propped up by reliance on banks and financial establishments to help guide and provide the necessary support to achieve these ambitions. However, these institutions supplied a limited number of investment options limiting their clientele to limited investing options. 

The sad reality is that the vast majority of us will struggle to attain the status of financial freedom. Many elements such as rising inflation, financial mismanagement (overspending), and economic crisis can take a toll on your funds and plans to reach financial freedom. However, there are reasons to be cheerful.

In the modern era investing your cash into selected markets has become more accessible, with a diverse range of options available to budding investors. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have provided viable and sustainable opportunities to establish and grow a financial portfolio. 

Yet, many are unaware or wary of cryptocurrencies, unsure of what benefits can be reaped from investing in this emerging market. In reality, cryptocurrency exchanges are creating products and services that rival traditional banking. By simply holding cryptocurrency, you’re supporting a decentralized monetary movement, where you have access to many familiar financial services. Yet, crypto exchanges can offer more enticing benefits (such as high yield interest rates) that make your money work smarter.

What are Crypto Investment Accounts?

If you’ve held or are holding cryptocurrency, you likely purchased your coins via trading on a crypto exchange. After that point, maybe you left your investment alone, waiting for the market to dictate your investment's fate. Or perhaps you were proactive and invested your digital assets elsewhere with a crypto interest-earning platform, such as Hodlnaut

The crypto platform offers investors a crypto interest account with a preferred interest payout, which means users can access a competitive and generous interest rate of up to 7.25% on supported assets (BTC, ETH, USDT, DAI, USDC, and WBTC). Furthermore, this bonus is paid out weekly to investors, and they are subject to no-lock ins, and investments can start at as little as $1. 

Hodlnaut’s ethos is to deliver their users an investing experience that focuses on users to earn interest on crypto, which can open up routes to financial freedom. The company offers other innovative products and services that present other fruitful earning opportunities. 


Investing your assets with a crypto interest account is a straightforward process, and many exchange platforms will offer this service. By investing, you can immediately and persistently earn interest on crypto assets and withdraw your funds whenever you see fit. Keep in mind that interest rates fluctuate, so while crypto interest accounts are often an alternative income generator, do your research to access the best possible rates. 

Fixed Term Deposits

Another modern take on traditional banking is Hodlnaut’s fixed-term deposit account, which works similarly to their crypto interest account. This investment strategy relies on holding crypto over a more extended amount of time, usually between 28 and 360 days, where users cannot access their funds until the agreed term has expired. However, allowing the asset to mature over an extended period can provide a higher return on investment. 

Selecting this investment structure allows users to access a higher additional interest rate, which increases with the time the crypto is locked away. 


Aside from the obvious higher interest-earning on crypto, fixed-term deposits have other benefits too. First, there is low risk from this investing format, as your deposit will earn a fixed return over a specified term, which may appeal to more cautious investors. Fixing the rate also protects your investment from market slumps, allowing you to earn at the agreed-upon rate.

Plus, it’s a low-maintenance strategy, as you cannot access your asset until the stipulated time expires. Above and beyond that, by locking up your crypto, you’re preventing yourself from the dangers of impulse spending. 

Token Swap Feature

Another helpful product from Hodlnaut is their token swap function, which allows users to manage and balance their crypto portfolios easily. In essence, token swapping is the act of exchanging one digital asset from blockchain A to blockchain B, or put another way, crypto-to-crypto trading without utilizing fiat currency.

This trading method is primarily beneficial as trades are easy and practical to execute (Hodlnaut instantly exchanges supported asset pairs via their web and mobile app) and increases liquidity by allowing users to purchase various coins.


The primary benefit of token swapping is the implementation of smart contracts that can eliminate fees paid in escrow to third parties, which ultimately brings more excellent value to the crypto exchange market. Finally, token swaps are rapidly implemented and a cost-effective means for leveraging your digital assets and earning you extra crypto once the order is executed. 

Can You Achieve Financial Freedom With Crypto?

One could argue that investing even a small portion of capital into cryptocurrencies is a step toward financial freedom. Depositing fiat into a crypto exchange isn’t just a transaction. Still, it highlights the belief that a viable economic future is possible, free of institutional red tape and bureaucracy, where trading assets are just a tiny part of cryptocurrencies potential and value.

Undoubtedly, there is potential for any investor to place intelligent trades and investments that can exponentially grow and provide a steady income stream. However, anyone entering cryptocurrencies expecting to make a quick buck and cash-out must be wary that the volatility of the markets at any given time can cause a devastating impact on your holdings.

That said, platforms such as Hodlnaut present a multitude of viable and sustainable earning propositions for their users. Their crypto interest account is an excellent example of this, as users can deposit their assets knowing a predetermined rate they will access.


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies' rise to prominence have introduced a new, decentralized approach to finance, which provides a viable alternative to traditional capital growth via banking institutions. While the adoption of these technologies pales in comparison to that of the old money methods of generating finance, there’s little doubt that the value proposition of crypto is influencing the economic landscape. 

At present, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market may provide a stumbling block for those yet to invest and provide ammunition for crypto sceptics to write off these technologies as a fad. It must be noted that as an emerging marketplace, there will indeed be projects that garner great success and to counter that notion, others will fail

What cryptocurrency has successfully achieved is interjecting a fresh impetus into the financial space, coveting attention for its dynamism, security, accessibility, value, and transparency. The decentralization of finance has placed power in investors' hands, not bankers. Access to wealth management without the need of a middleman and the security of blockchain technology is empowering for individuals looking to build toward financial freedom with crypto.

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