How to Get More Bitcoin with These 5 Methods

First published
February 4, 2022
Last updated
February 4, 2022

Are you looking for ways to get more bitcoin? If you’re one of those people who regret not buying some bitcoin back in 2012, don’t worry! There are always ways to get free bitcoin, and unfortunately, not many people know about it. In this article, we’ll tell you five easy ways to get more bitcoin: through an interest account, cashback rewards, affiliate program, margin trading, and crypto mining.

Deposit your Bitcoin into an Interest Account to Get More Bitcoin

If you have some Bitcoin and currently hodl-ing it as a long-term investment, you’ll quickly realize there isn’t much to do to grow the asset other than waiting for the value to appreciate. To increase your crypto asset’s productivity, one way to get more Bitcoin out of your holdings is to store it in a Hodlnaut Interest Account.

The best thing is, you can get more bitcoin by merely doing nothing. When you deposit your Bitcoin with Hodlnaut, you’ll get compounded interest up to 7.46% APY. The signup process takes minutes to complete, and once you’re done with the mandatory KYC (Know-Your-Customer) verification, you can deposit your Bitcoin and begin earning immediately.

Hodlnaut also supports cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. You can view the tiered interest rates here. Sign up here and get more bitcoin!

Shop Online and Get Rewards in Bitcoin

Do you know that you can get more bitcoin by shopping online? In the way of a cashback rewards program, you can opt to be paid in Bitcoin. If you’re not familiar with cashback, it’s an eCommerce reward and rebate system that gives you back a certain amount of funds from your shopping. Many popular retailers offer cashback programs in some capacity, and many also offer crypto rewards, which mean free Bitcoin.

Big names such as Amazon, eBay, Expedia, Macy’s, and Hilton have offered rewards to their customers in Bitcoin. Furthermore, getting Bitcoin cashback is much more comfortable with the rise of cashback reward applications. Shoppers can get up to 20% of their purchases back with apps such as Fold, StormX, and CoinRebates. The way it works is that you shop at your favorite online retailer, and the app will notify you if you can get more Bitcoin for the cashback rewards.

Participate in Affiliate Program that Rewards in Bitcoin

Another easy way to get more Bitcoin is by participating in affiliate programs that pay you in Bitcoin. Often, all you have to do is merely embedding a referral code or link to your personal blog or YouTube channel. The idea is, when people visit your site or page, they can sign up using the unique referral link, and you’ll get the Bitcoin rewards. It’s recommended to refer to as many people as possible such as friends and family, so the chances of you getting more rewards are higher.

Many companies offer attractive affiliate rewards such as Trezor, a hardware crypto wallet, that offers a 12-15% commission for each successful referral in terms of where to find these affiliate programs. If you happen to be a crypto trader, LocalBitcoins is a popular peer-to-peer trading site for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that offer commission. For each referral, they’re giving a 20% referral bonus deposited directly to your wallet.

hodlnaut affiliate program - get more bitcoin
Affiliate Program

Hodlnaut also has an affiliate program where you’ll be given 10% off your friend’s interest when referring them to Hodlnaut. To do this, simply share your unique affiliate link in your user dashboard with your network and begin earning affiliate commissions to get more bitcoin.

Get More Bitcoin by Margin Trading

Cryptocurrency margin trading allows traders to borrow funds to access increased buying power and open positions more extensively than their current funds’ balance. The trader will give the exchange platform some capital to exchange for another type of capital to trade with and profit from.

The good thing about crypto margin trading is that you only need to deposit a small portion of your trade value as collateral to get equivalent profit. Some of the most popular trading platforms where you can do collateralized trading are PrimeXBT and BitMEX; they both offer collateralized allowance up to 100x for Bitcoin trading.

Start Crypto Mining and Earn Bitcoin

Crypto mining is a unique way to get more bitcoin. It is a process where miners use specialized computers to complete complex calculations to confirm and validate transactions in the blockchain network. In general, crypto mining requires a substantial amount of computational power. However, there are computer programs that allow you to mine cryptocurrencies from your home computers.

Honeyminer and NiceHash are two examples of companies that help users mine cryptocurrency without the expensive hardware. Simply download and run the program via some form of cloud mining. The amount of bitcoin you get depends on several factors such as your hardware conditions, market conditions, and difficulty level of mining-specific cryptocurrencies. If you have a relatively new PC, expect to make anywhere between $15-$75 per GPU per month.

It’s Possible to Get More Bitcoin, and You can Start Today

It is not difficult to get more bitcoin, and it starts with knowing different methods to acquire it. It can be as simple as depositing your sitting asset into an crypto interest account and yield interest from it. Online shopping is prevalent nowadays, and you can make the most out of it by looking for its crypto cashback. Mining and trading require some skills, but it’s an excellent way to grow your digital assets once you know the ins and outs. Let your bitcoin grow quickly, and you can start now.

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