March News Recap: Goldman Sachs Completes First OTC, Opera Integrates 8 Blockchains, and More

First published
April 4, 2022
Last updated
June 21, 2022

The month of March saw a considerable increase in institutional adoption of digital assets. While the market presents bearish sentiments, the inclusion of crypto services and opportunities among financial institutions further shows the uptake in crypto activity and the potential use-cases for future business operations. From Goldman Sach’s first OTC to Opera’s integration of eight additional blockchains, here’s our monthly round-up of all things crypto and blockchain-related. 

1. Internet Browser Opera Integrates 8 More Blockchains, Including Bitcoin and Solana 

Major crypto-friendly internet browser Opera recently announced that the platform would be integrating eight additional blockchains. This includes Bitcoin, Solana, Polygon, Ronin, Celo, StarkEx, IXO, and Nervos Network. The integration further confirms the platform’s continuous efforts to introduce Web 3.0 to its global users. Earlier in the year, Opera launched the Crypto Browser project, which was a Web 3.0-focused initiative to facilitate navigation across decentralized applications (DApp), games, and metaverse platforms. As part of this initiative, the browser company added support for the mentioned eight major blockchain ecosystems.

2. Institutional Crypto Fund Sees Largest Capital Inflows for 3 Months 

CoinShares data revealed that institutional investments into digital assets were at the highest levels in three months, a considerable increase from the previous week, which saw outflows of $47 million. The last time investment levels were near the current figure was in the week ending on Dec. 3, which saw $184 million worth of inflows. The fund flows had a big focus on Bitcoin (BTC), with just over 50% of the capital going into products based on BTC, which saw inflows totaling $98 million.

3. OpenSea Plans on Integrating Solana in April 

NFT marketplace giant OpenSea revealed an upcoming integration of the Solana (SOL) blockchain within its platform. This is said to be a long-awaited move that industry experts and numerical data suggest could have reciprocal benefits across both ecosystems, as well as positive sentiments for the wider NFT community. Slated to launch in April, Solana will join the list of three networks, Ethereum, layer-2 Polygon, and Klaytn.

4. US Bitcoin Mining Firm Turns to Harmful Coal Waste for Cleaner Energy 

As part of its efforts to encourage a more environmentally friendly practice of crypto mining more, Stronghold Digital Mining is turning harmful waste from coal mining into clean energy to power Bitcoin miners. The crypto mining firm is looking to turn waste from old power plants into energy to power hundreds of Bitcoin mining rigs.

5. Goldman Sachs Completes First OTC Crypto Options Trade with Galaxy

American investment bank Goldman Sachs continues to expand its crypto trading expertise by executing its first-ever over-the-counter (OTC) crypto options trade. This was executed in collaboration with the trading unit of Michael Novogratz’s cryptocurrency investment management firm Galaxy Digital. The latest collaboration between Goldman Sachs and Galaxy Digital also represents a continuation of the bank’s partnership with Galaxy to improve its crypto capabilities.

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