Hodlnaut Launches a New Feature: Token Swap

First published
May 5, 2021
Last updated
January 21, 2022
Hodlnaut has built token swap to allow its users to swap between asset pairs without leaving the platform

Singapore, April 15, 2021 Hodlnaut unveiled today their brand new token swap feature, that allows its users to seamlessly swap between asset pairs on the platform. The swap function will allow users to execute trades instantly between any of the six assets offered on the Hodlnaut platform – BTC, WBTC, ETH, DAI, USDC, and USDT.  

Hodlnaut offers competitive interest rates (up to 12.73% APY on six assets class) to individual investors with a Hodlnaut Crypto Interest Account by lending it to rigorously vetted institutions in the form of crypto loans. The new token swap feature allows HODLers to essentially opt for the type of asset they wish to earn interest in. This will also allow HODLers to manage their portfolio and rebalance their asset holdings without ever leaving the Hodlnaut platform.

This not only makes the user’s experience seamless, but it also helps users save on fees that have to be spent on transactions between wallets. The end result is that users are able to swap between two tokens directly within the Hodlnaut dashboard without the inconvenience and double fees associated with conducting trade in two steps.

“We constantly listen to our users and build features that would make their experience with Hodlnaut better. We foresee that the new token swap feature will not only attract more HODLers but will also give them the option to earn their interest in different assets.,” said Juntao Zhu, Hodlnaut’s CEO & Co-founder.

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