An update on the outcome of the 22 August Interim Judicial Management hearing

First published
August 23, 2022
Last updated
August 24, 2022

Dear users, our lawyers attended the hearing for our application to be placed under Interim Judicial Management (“IJM”) on 22 August 2022. We would like to provide the following updates:

Update on Hodlnaut’s IJM Application on 22 August 2022

The Court has adjourned the hearing of the IJM application to 26 August 2022 at 3:30pm.

Separately, the next case conference for the Judicial Management Application has currently been fixed on 30 August 2022 at 10 a.m. In this regard, please note that unless you wish to seek directions from the Court, your attendance is not necessary. We will provide a further update after this case conference.

Should you wish to attend either of the above hearings/case conferences, please write to our solicitors, Damodara Ong LLC, at by 3 p.m. on 25 August 2022 with the following details:

a. your full name, identification number / passport number, and email address registered with Hodlnaut;

b. the date(s) and time(s) of the hearing/case conference that you wish to attend;

c. the capacity in which you wish to attend the case conference (e.g. as a creditor); and

d. the name of your solicitor (if any), and your solicitor’s firm (if any). 

We set out below a breakdown of the relevant affidavits filed to date in our Judicial Management Application:  

Judicial Management Application (HC/OA 451/2022)

a. 1st Affidavit of Juntao Zhu

b. 2nd Affidavit of Juntao Zhu

c. Summons for sealing of the 2nd Affidavit of Juntao Zhu and other related documents (HC/SUM 3032/2022)

d. 3rd Affidavit of Juntao Zhu

e. Summons for Interim Judicial Management Application (HC/SUM 3011/2022)

f. 1st Affidavit of Goh Thien Phong

g. 4th Affidavit of Juntao Zhu 

These affidavits can similarly be downloaded by all users who have an active account with us by requesting for a copy of these documents on After a request is submitted, the user will receive the relevant document(s) via email. 

Due to the extensive amount of documents that we have been directed by the Court to provide to our users, the Court has adjourned the next hearing for the Interim Judicial Management application to Friday, 26 August 2022, 3:30pm (GMT+8).

Our next update will likely be on 29 August 2022. Our updates will continue to be posted on and communications will continue to be via email (, Twitter (@hodlnautdotcom) and Hodlnaut Telegram ( Thank you for your patience with us.

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